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Competitive Bidding, Contract Management & Preparation Workshop 4 (IW4-2) (SCMP & SMT Programs)

Date:   Mar 30, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020
Time:   8:00 AM
Location:   Alban F Bates Room, Chateau Saint John
369 Rockland Road
Saint John, NB

Competitive bidding and contract management, if not handled properly, can lead to serious legal and financial consequences for any organization. This Workshop seeks to equip you with the tools required to turn this into a competitive advantage for your enterprise. The Workshop looks at the conditions for successful competitive bidding and the elements of the bidding process, including RFPs and RFQs. Electronic tendering is also addressed. The Workshop moves on to examine types of contracts and contract law. Participants also gain an understanding of writing contract terms and how to manage a contract from performance review to dispute resolution and termination.


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