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PowerPoint and Presentation Skills for Supply Chain Professionals

Date:   Feb 19, 2024 - Feb 20, 2024
Time:   8:30 PM





February 19 and 20, 2024




5 Credits


Virtual via Zoom


$425 +GST Members

$495 +GST Non-Members


This workshop is designed for both beginners and advanced users of PowerPoint. 


There’s no getting around it: to be successful in today’s fast-paced, information-centric world, you need PowerPoint skills.  The reason is simple. Most businesses run on presentations.  Hardly anything of importance gets done without them.  Presentations are used for a multitude of activities: approval for strategies, reporting value creation, communicating contract changes, presenting scorecard results, reporting project status, and many more.  Making effective and persuasive presentations could boost your career immeasurably. 

Now while it cannot be stressed enough that PowerPoint skills are critical to business success, they go hand-in-hand with good presentation skills.  So you’ve created a great slide deck…now what?  To really get the results you’re after, you have to use persuasion, exude confidence and even a bit of flair to get people to see things your way. 

You’ve got great ideas, now come learn how to effectively convey them.  The sky is the limit. 

Who should attend?

Professionals who want to become tech-savvy and influential by supplying their companies with expertly designed presentations complemented with persuasive business presentation skills. 

Why this Workshop?

As business professionals, one of the best ways to showcase your work is to deliver a knock-out presentation. Excellent presentations create immense value because they can persuade, get alignment and inspire action.  This workshop not only teaches you the technical skills to work wonders with PowerPoint, but also give you the means, and more importantly, the confidence to transform yourself into a great presenter. 

What Value can I expect? 

You will acquire enhanced proficiency at PowerPoint with knowledge of how to influence others through presentation. As with any skill worth mastering, practice is key to ensure that your slides are well-designed and you have the confidence to communicate them effectively.  While this workshop’s exercises are designed to be useful and practical in a SCM setting, the knowledge can easily be applied to other disciplines. 


Key Learning Outcome(s): 

  • Create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations for different purposes 
  • Enhance your business presentation skills through confidence and targeted messaging 

Main Topics

  • What’s new in PowerPoint 365 

  • Principals of Design
    • Elements
      - Text
      - Images
      - Video
      - Shapes
      - Charts
      - Animation
      - Interactivity
    • Design
      - Designing for Impact and Clarity
      - The Golden Ratio
  • Data Storytelling
    • How to find and present insights
    • Storyboard structures
    • Data story templates

  • Business Presentation Skills
    • Live presentation
    • Recorded presentations

  • Enhancing online presentation
    • What hardware to buy
    • How to look and sound your best


Ian Gonzalez

Ian Gonzalez

Ian Gonzalez is a professional from two worlds: data and supply chain management. For 9 years, he’s taught analytics and supply chain courses for the institution, making him the longest-running PD instructor at SCC. Drawing from his 19 years of experience in oil & gas, aviation, and consulting, Ian has inspired hundreds from all over Canada to embrace data and use it to move the supply chain profession forward. Whether it’s in corporate or in the academe, teaching and upskilling has always been his passion.


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